Instrument Modification Service

An easy and affordable way to modify your Vaisala transmitters for new applications.

The modification service allows you to change features of your existing Vaisala transmitters as in many cases the device configuration can be changed for new applications. 

The service includes:

  • All parts and labor
  • ISO 9001 or Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration of your choice
  • Functionality testing
  • Replace product labels according to new configuration
  • Service report
  • Calibration certificate

The transmitter will be modified in our service centers according to strict Vaisala quality requirements.

Typical transmitters customers modify: HMT330, PTU300 and PTB330 series. Ask also for other models.

Key benefits

Change Features of Existing Devices


Typically the configuration of the transmitter can be modified during its lifecycle. Examples of modifications are adding a display, adding signal outputs or changing probe cable lengths.

Ecological and Affordable


In many cases, there is no need to purchase a new transmitter and scrap the old one when your measurement application changes. Vaisala instruments are built to last and can be reconfigured within their lifecycle.

Proven Quality by the Manufacturer


Modifications will be performed in-house by experienced Vaisala technicians with original spare parts. This guarantees modified instruments will meet original performance and accuracy requirements after the service.