Humidity and Temperature Meter Series HMT330

HMT330 Series Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
Vaisala HMT331 sensor
Vaisala HMT333 sensor
Vaisala HMT334 sensor
Vaisala HMT335 sensor
Vaisala HMT337 sensor
Vaisala HMT338 sensor
HM70 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter

Humidity and Temperature Meter Series HMT330

Measure humidity in harsh environments with the best-in-class instrument you can truly depend on. The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 with 10-year warranty* is designed for demanding industrial applications where stable measurements and extensive customization are essential. There are six models to choose from:

  • HMT331 for wall mounting
  • HMT333 for duct mounting and tight spaces
  • HMT334 for high pressures up to 100 bar and vacuum conditions
  • HMT335 for high temperatures
  • HMT337 for high humidity and meteorological applications
  • HMT338 for pressurized pipelines up to 40 bar

The instrument can be quickly tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual application and is pre-configured for each delivery.

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Key Benefits

Reliable and stable
Accurate and stable measurement even in demanding conditions gives reliable data. The construction of the transmitter is suitable for the heavy duty in industrial applications.
Configurable and ready for installation
The product is assembled and configured to your needs, delivered within days to your facility, and fully ready for installation. The user interface is multilingual and available in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese.
*10-year warranty
We offer a 10-year warranty on new HMT330 transmitters that are calibrated annually at the Vaisala Service Center. This warranty program is available to all customers for units purchased from January 2014 onwards and requires no sign-up.




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