Online DGA-Monitoring – Vaisala’s solution

Vaisala Optimus
Power Generation and Transmission
Industrial Measurements

In this free of charge webinar, we’ll review some of the basics of dissolved gas analysis in power transformers. 
We’ll focus on Vaisala’s solution and introduce the Vaisala DGA Monitor Optimus in more detail.

During the webinar you will learn about:
• Utilizing online DGA monitoring
• The important points to consider when choosing a monitor
• The basics of vacuum gas extraction
• Infrared (NDIR) measurement technology
• Getting long-term measurement stability without any frequent maintenance.


Webinar Speaker: Senja Leivo is the Senior Industry Expert at Vaisala in Finland. Her professional focus is on condition monitoring of power transformers. At Vaisala with her 19 years of experience she is responsible for identifying the strategic trends and new monitoring needs within the industry, as well as bringing customers’ voice close to the Vaisala’s product development. As part of her expert role she is active member in CIGRE working groups. Senja holds a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering.


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