Optimus™ DGA Monitor OPT100

Advanced DGA – now also for natural esters

The world’s first maintenance-free multi-gas DGA monitor, the Optimus™ OPT100 now runs on on all ester liquids and mineral oils. The OPT100 comes with the groundbreaking, robustly reliable total gas pressure method for detecting ambient air leaks into your sealed power transformer. That’s robust technology enabled by Vaisala science.

No consumables of any kind required.

  • No carrier or calibration gases to monitor or replace
  • No internal column or measurement components to replace
  • No fixed filters, filter wheels, membranes or capillary tubes to repair or replace

Patented. Trusted. Reliable.

Ensure your power transformer stays operational longer. OPT100 brings unmatched long-term stability, reliability and measurement performance for the detection of any formation of fault gases. It is trusted for its patented infrared measurement of DGA gases, unique vacuum gas extraction technology and its groundbreaking total gas pressure measurement to detect air ingress into a sealed transformer tank.

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Total gas pressure explained

Key benefits

Works in the harshest environments

Robust performance. That’s Optimus™ OPT100. Stainless steel pipes, IP66-rated housing, temperature controlled gas and oil handling, magnetic pump and valves. With no consumables to service or replace, Optimus™ OPT100 simply works – from the arctic to the tropics.

Intelligent and intuitive

Integrated web UI. That’s Optimus™ OPT100. No need for additional software. It's designed for quick installation in the field — connect the oil pipes, power up, connect to the UI, and commission. What’s more, self-diagnostics allow the monitor to restart its operation automatically after a power cut.

Peace of mind

No false alarms. That’s Optimus™ OPT100. Its unique auto-calibration ensures long-term stable online measurement. No recalibration at factory is needed.

Runs on natural and synthetic esters as well

The Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100 is fully compliant with all ester insulation liquid. Deliveries will start in the Spring of 2024.

AC and DC power options available

The DC-powered Optimus complies with the same IEC61010 safety certification and comes with the same level of surge protection as the AC model.

Word from our customers

“Over two years after installation we have had no problems with the equipment at all – no user intervention and no consumables have ever been needed.”
- Eduardo Briosso, Asset Maintenance Manager at CTM.

“We have compared the data from the OPT100 with our third-party professional offshore testing report and it has proven to be very accurate, so we know we can rely on its performance.”
- A person in charge at Dalian Company.

“The OPT100 gives us the ability to track any disturbance that may occur and extend the lifetime of our transformer, as well as reducing the possibility of any unplanned outages.”
- Keith Black, System Performance Senior Engineer at Scottish Power.

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