Humidity Academy webinar series

Welcome to this webinar series about humidity measurement in industrial processes. By deepening your understanding of humidity in industrial context, you can improve your process efficiency and product quality while saving energy. For industrial manufacturing, humidity can be both a necessity and a pollutant, depending on the application.

About the Humidity academy webinar series

Throughout the series, different Vaisala’s experts will share their knowledge and examples on humidity theory and measurements, as well as on maintaining audit-proof measurement instruments with long life-cycles. The series is suitable for all levels of expertise. 

Attend to the series and: 

  • learn on the go with concise episodes, 
  • build understanding and knowledge from episode to episode, 
  • get real life examples and calculations that can benefit your application, and  
  • further deepen your knowledge with complementary material, white papers and eBooks.

Register to episodes 1, 2 and 3 below.