Real-life use cases of humidity calculations

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Humidity control is a must for all industrial manufacturing as humidity has a direct influence on a wide range of factors for example material moisture, static electricity, particle adhesion, and dust, which can cause a variety of problems in the manufacturing process.
Uncontrolled conditions can lead to component contamination, complicate working conditions, and most importantly, have a drastic negative effect on the end-product quality. But how to interpret the humidity values? What should you use for adjusting the process? How to choose the most suitable humidity product among the selection with different specifications? 

In this webinar, Joni Partanen addresses the most commonly asked questions about humidity calculations. 
First, he will go over the humidity parameters, then deep dive into applications, and lastly take up real-life use cases for humidity calculations. You will have an opportunity to test your knowledge hands-on using Vaisala’s renewed humidity calculator and our expert trainer. 

Attending this webinar will help you to compare Vaisala’s humidity products with different accuracy specifications and select the most suitable for your process. 

Webinar content
Humidity parameters overview 
Humidity applications 
Real-life use cases of humidity calculations
Hands-on knowledge test with the new Vaisala Humidity Calculator

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Humidity calculator

Vaisala Humidity Calculator makes your complex humidity calculations and conversions easy. It covers all popular parameters and is effortless to use. Calculate several humidity parameters based on only one known value and tolerance.

Humidity, Dew Point and Moisture Measurements

Water (H2O) can take many forms and we can measure it as temperature dependent invisible gas known as humidity, as pressure dependent dew point or in liquid form as moisture.



Joni Partanen

Joni Partanen

Product Manager

Joni Partanen is a Product Manager at Vaisala. He is responsible for the development of humidity and vaporized hydrogen peroxide measuring products. He has over 16 years of experience in process industry measurement technology, industrial engineering, and instrumentation. Joni holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Automation Technology.