Download the Moisture in Transformers Q&A eBook

Your questions answered

The definitive eBook about moisture in transformers, this companion book to our webinar series is full of the latest scientific information and practical advice on measuring moisture in power transformers.

Filled with your actual questions answered by Vaisala's experts, this nearly 40-page eBook is a versatile manual for anyone whose business it is to maintain guard against and understand the effects of moisture in power transformers.

Contents include:

  • Science, theory and practice of moisture in oil and transformers
  • Moisture parameters, dynamics, effect on dielectric strength and more
  • Other insulation liquids, such as esters
  • Sensors and monitoring, considerations for maintenance
  • Drying a transformer, practical lessons learned


Watch the whole webinar series:

  1. The science of moisture in transformers »
  2. The art and practice of measuring moisture in oil »
  3. Expert Q&A session »
  4. Extra expert Q&A session »
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