The science of moisture in transformers (ep. 1/3)

The science of moisture in transformer oil (ep. 1/3)
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Welcome to episode one of the definitive three-part webinar series on moisture in oil and transformers.

In three episodes, you'll get a deep dive into both the science and practice of moisture in oil and measuring it, culminating in a live interactive Q&A with your insights & questions answered by the experts.


In this first episode, we cover the science of moisture in transformer insulation systems

  • Effects and sources of moisture
  • Water solubility in oil
  • Moisture distribution 
  • Moisture equilibrium 
  • Moisture dynamics under transformer operation

We will also be taking your questions throughout the series, and answering them in the final Q&A episode. 

If you have already attended or registered for this webinar please click here to access the recording. If not, please register for access. 

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  • Episode 2/3: The art and practice of measuring moisture in oil, (aired on 27 May 2021) — watch on demand
  • Episode 3/3: Live expert Q&A, (aired on 29 September 2021) — watch on demand
  • NEW: Episode 4/3: Extra Expert Q&A session (will air on 1 December 2021) — sign up here


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Senja Leivo

Meet the expert: Senja Leivo

Ms. Senja Leivo is the Senior Industry Expert at Vaisala and an active member of CIGRE working groups.
Her professional focus is on condition monitoring of power transformers. With 20 years of experience she is responsible for identifying the strategic trends and new monitoring needs within the industry, as well as bringing customers’ voice close to the Vaisala’s product development. Senja holds a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering.