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Maximize your power transformer's operational life

Total gas pressure is a groundbreaking method for detecting air leaks into your transformer. Robust, reliable & intuitive, it helps maximize your power transformer's operational life. And the best part is that it comes as standard in the Vaisala Optimus™️ OPT100 online DGA monitor.

Total Gas Pressure equals that of N2 and O2

Robust, intuitive & reliable answer to air leaks

Transformers are sealed to keep ambient air and its oxygen from leaking in. Oxygen will prematurely age and weaken the paper in your transformer's windings, potentially shortening your transformer's operational life by years.

Total gas pressure is the answer to maximizing your transformer's operational life.

total gas pressure is roughly equal to O2 and N2 pressures combined

Measuring oxygen directly is not needed

While it seems like the obvious answer, using online oxygen measurement to detect air leaks is anything but simple.

If you have an oxygen-consuming reaction inside your transformer, a direct oxygen reading may look low and lead you to think your transformer is sealed. In reality, you could have both an air leak and a reaction that consumes the oxygen. 

Now as standard in the Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100

Total gas pressure comes as standard in the world's first true maintenance-free online DGA monitor — the Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100.

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The presence of oxygen in power transformer oil has been shown to accelerate the aging of the transformer's solid insulation. With the increased use of sealed transformers, the issue of air leaks as a source of oxygen has grown in importance. Such air leaks are often caused by embrittlement of gaskets or the rubber bag.

In order to maximize a transformer's operational life its oxygen levels should remain as low as possible. Monitoring that proper sealing is maintained against ambient air ingress through total gas pressure measurement is a groundbreaking new method for ensuring just that. 

Topics covered in depth: 

  • Current sampling and oxygen measurement methods
  • Monitoring methods compared
  • Exploring total gas pressure 
  • Proving its reliability and accuracy 
  • Supporting case studies 


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