In-line Brix measurement in sugar syrup preparation for confectionary coating

Confectionary coating plays an important role in products quality. It affects the taste, the quality of the product and has impact on the packaging. Consistent quality of the confectionary coating can be ensured by a reliable control over sugar syrup preparation process.   

In chewing gum coating preparation, syrup components, namely, sugar or its substitutes (e.g. maltose) and water are mixed to a necessary concentration.  

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How to measure in-line Brix concentration of sugar syrup 

to ensure smooth coating, ideal chewing gum taste, ensure successful batch preparation and prolong coating machine’s life. 

Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer provides accurate real-time continuous in-line Brix concentration measurement in sugar syrup preparation and assures efficient chewing gum manufacturing process and prevents the risk of defective batches. 

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