Agriculture and primary production

High-yield crop and animal welfare

Cultivation of crops, breeding of livestock and farming represent the main activities of resource supply for food production. 

In order to streamline agricultural production, farmers need to ensure animal welfare, create the most favorable conditions for fruits and vegetables growing, and make efficient use of the natural resources.

Innovative solutions for primary production such as vertical farming or regenerated farming technique stimulate farmers to use more scientifically proven technologies. For example, in order to ensure stable indoor and outdoor conditions for a good yield of high quality produce, it is necessary to control such as parameters as carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity, and temperature.

Vaisala provides customers with measurements that provide data for making better production decisions, increasing working safety, and improving overall efficiency. Optimized by monitoring, primary operations reduce environmental footprint, enable efficient use of energy and reduction of food waste. 

Solutions for primary agriculture

Monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity, and temperature in greenhouses, vertical farming facilities and inside livestock facilities. 

Greenhouse CO2 measurement

In order to increase productivity of greenhouses, it is necessary to control its indoor and outdoor environments. One of the parameters that needs to be monitored in order to ensure the growth of plants is carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Discover how to ensure the optimum CO2 conditions in greenhouses for high quality crops. 

Controlling indoor air in livestock facilities

Livestock facilities indoor air monitoring

Fresh air is equally important for animals as it is for human beings, so adequate ventilation in livestock facilities is vital for animal welfare. Typically, good air quality is defined in terms of temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide.
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Wireless monitoring system for animal welfare

Monitoring of relative humidity and temperature in large livestock facilities is easier with cloud-based system. Save time by monitoring multiple locations remotely. Access real-time data from anywhere with your personal devices.
Learn more about Jade Smart Cloud

Agricultural water management

For productive agriculture, it is necessary to ensure effective and efficient supply of water to the crop fields. 

Faulty irrigation scheduling will lead to waste of water. But this can be avoided by monitoring the amount of precipitation and measuring water levels in reservoirs to provide real-time information on availability of water for irrigation.

Discover more about efficient agricultural water management. 

vertical farming

Webinar: Indoor farming technology. Consistent growth through reliable measurement

Watch the webinar to learn how the quality of humidity and carbon dioxide sensors can influence climate controls and maintenance costs. Topics include sensor stability and service intervals, sensor installation best practices, and much more.

Webinar: Better Sensor Technologies for Modern Greenhouses

Controlled Environment Agriculture is one of the fastest growing segments in food markets around the world. As the demand for locally grown and organic products continues to rise, the demand is being met by today’s modern greenhouses, vertical, and container farms. Advancements in technology and techniques available today allow growers to produce more, with greater consistency, while using less energy and resources. 

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