Vaisala Polaris™ PR53GC Compact Process Refractometer

Measure concentrations of acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, hydrocarbons, solvents, and various other solutions directly in pipeline, in production transport, and quality control in chemical, and other industries.

While small and compact in size, the versatile Vaisala Polaris PR53GC compact process refractometer is for the chemical and other industries for concentration measurements, including the most aggressive chemicals. Optional cooling cover is available for processes where extreme temperatures and pressures are common. 

The instrument is ready to be used out-of-box, no need to convert anything on site. Choose your concentration curve from Vaisala’s library of over 500 options, and start your measurement with factory pre-installed concentration curve.

Key benefits

For the most aggressive chemicals

Special grade materials are available, which allow the product to be used in with aggressive chemicals; Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C-276 for sulphuric acid and other applications.

Material options to select from

Our wide range of process refractometer material and process connection options are designed to match and fit different process conditions, materials and connections without creating hazards with unsuitable material combination.

Widest concentration curve library

Vaisala’s application base for chemical industry is astonishing, currently we offer over 500 different concentration curves, and the library is ever growing. Start your measurement with factory pre-installed concentration curve, just install and enjoy accurate measurements.

Always accurate, no drift

The measurement is based on optical measurement of the refractive index (RI). The RI can be measured from practically any liquid or slurry, and it is sensitive to dissolved material. Bubbles, particles or color do not affect the measurement. 

Plug & play to Indigo

The process refractometers can be connected to Vaisala Indigo520 transmitter to expand features, including data storage, graphical interface, analog and digital interface.

Easy mounting

Special material guarantee durability in challenging process conditions, flow cells for easy mounting with wash option where applicable.

Inline chemical concentrations measurement

For harsh conditions and corrosive chemicals - drift-free, recalibration-free real-time measurement for unbeaten final product quality. Discover application examples in our application notes.


Long probe process refractometer

For long probe option, visit 

Vaisala Polaris™ PR53GP Probe Process Refractometer

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