Oil & gas refining & petrochemicals

Measuring refractive index and liquid concentration in oil and natural-gas refining and petrochemical industries

Vaisala Polaris™ process refractometers provide accurate inline refractive index, concentration and density measurements that help to improve oil and gas refining and petrochemical operations such as multi-product custody transfer and loading/ unloading operations, sulfuric acid alkylation, amine gas treating, gas dehydration and lube oil production. The purpose is to eliminate sampling, improve product consistency and operations safety and optimize the process. 

Serving oil, gas and petrochemical industry measurement needs

Vaisala Polaris process refractometers are designed to measure liquid concentration or density in diverse oil, gas, and petrochemical industry applications. The purpose is to eliminate sampling, improve product consistency and operations safety and help to optimize the process. Uniform product quality and minimum waste can be achieved by continuous monitoring. Unlike periodical sampling, continuous monitoring can provide instant feedback to changes in the process. This instant feedback can then be used to control the process in real-time.

The Refinery Process Refractometer is a heavy-duty refinery model designed to meet the unique requirements of the oil and gas refining and petrochemical industries. Typical applications include accurate liquid concentration measurements, e.g. 

  • Sulfphuric acid in alkylation 
  • Glycol or amines in gas processing, e.g. gas dehydration and amine gas treating (sweetening)
  • Multi-product (crude oil, fuel oil, diesel) interfaces in custody transfer and loading and unloading operations.

Our industry capabilities and provided services

As a supplier, Vaisala understands oil and gas industry needs and offers sophisticated and proven products, reliability and measurement accuracy, as well as expert consultancy that is built on longstanding expertise and in-depth application knowledge. Vaisala also provides full range of start-up, commissioning and technical support services to our customers. Our oil and gas industry expertise include supply of extensive vendor documentation that is tailored and applied to each contract and client specific data requirements. We serve EPC contractors, consultants and end-users with an engineering approach, including:

  • Quality testing, inspections and procurement control
  • Customized process connections and modifications 
  • Special wetted parts materials
  • Documentation and document revision control 
  • FAT and SAT including third party inspections
  • Material traceability certification conforming to EN 10204 3.1 
  • Material hardness certification 
  • Commissioning and start-up service
  • Technical support service















Key factors to consider when choosing process refractometer supplier for refinery project

Vaisala’s local authorized representatives have extensive applications knowledge and they can help specifying the correct instrument for each application. 

Consider the following selection criteria on technical appraisal: 

  • Product technical compliance and quality 
  • Qualification of supplier 
  • Schedule 
  • References 
  • Local service and technical support 

Applications in the oil and gas refining and petrochemicals industry

The performance of all types of refining, manufacturing and quality control operations can be dramatically improved with our liquid concentration and density measurement technology.

Download our application notes for more information.

Can't find your application?

Can't find your application?

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