Using the DGA Calculator for easier & more visual analysis

Vaisala DGA calculator on phone in hand, with graphs and duval triangle plots
Power Generation and Transmission

Ready to become a power-user of the new, free DGA Calculator?

Join Vaisala's Toni Mellin for a detailed walk-through of the free and easy-to-use calculator's powerful features. Gain insight into how you can make your transformer monitoring operation easier and smoother.


Topics covered:

  • Using core calculator features
  • How to make analysis smoother utilizing the DGA Calculator
  • How to quickly create Duval Triangles and Pentagon
  • Reading gassing trends
  • Importing and sharing results
  • Q&A (only advance questions)


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DGA Calculator on a phone, Power Substation at the background

New DGA Calculator visualizes the state of your transformer

Turn your DGA data into Duval Triangles, Pentagon, and gassing trend graphs. Supports IEC & IEEE standards, data import & export and more.

Toni Mellin, Application Manager

Meet the expert: Toni Mellin

Toni Mellin is an Application Manager and an expert in online DGA and continuous online moisture in oil monitoring applications. An active member in CIGRE IEC TC10, MT20 and MT22, working on the IEC standards 60422, 60475, 60567 & 60599, he is also the author and co-author of numerous publications presented at CIGRE and CIRED. Toni has also been deeply involved with the development of prototype DGA monitors which evolved into the groundbreaking Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100.

DGA Calculator screenshot, Analysis using Duval Triangles

NEWS: Vaisala launches a free DGA calculator to help with power transformer monitoring

Vaisala has today unveiled a free-to-use DGA calculator – a convenient tool to help visualize your Dissolved Gas Analysis results, e.g. from a laboratory report, or even the readings from an online monitor. 

The calculator was designed from the ground up to be an intuitive tool that everybody involved in DGA analysis can use.