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building management systems and GxP monitoring systems
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Choosing the right system for the application

Building Management (BMS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS) are designed to control buildings efficiently. Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS) or Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) monitor conditions and provide secure documentation for compliance. In this webinar, you'll learn how to make the best use of both kinds of systems...

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These two kinds of systems (BMS and CMS) are designed to achieve very different goals. A CMS records data for compliance and sends alerts to personnel, whereas a BMS can control multiple systems in buildings, or a network of buildings. Problems can occur when a BMS is used where a CMS is required. 

One difference between a BMS and CMS is that any system used in a GxP-regulated application must be validated. While it's possible to validate an entire BMS or BAS, those efforts are often cost prohibitive and not all areas will fall under GxP regulation. Another critical difference: BMS relies on real-time information for control, while proof-of-compliance achieved with a CMS uses historical information. 

How can we work with both systems efficiently? And, if needed, can we take data from a validated CMS into our BMS for analysis and control? 

In this webinar we answer these questions and demonstrate how to ensure compliance, save costs on validation efforts, and increase productivity by putting both monitoring and control systems to their best use.

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Paul Daniel, Vaisala

Senior GxP Regulatory Compliance Expert

Paul Daniel has worked in the GMP-regulated industries for over 20 years helping manufacturers apply good manufacturing practices in a wide range of qualification projects. His specialties include mapping, monitoring, and computerized systems. At Vaisala, Paul oversees and guides the validation program for the Vaisala viewLinc environmental monitoring system. He serves as a customer advocate to ensure the viewLinc environmental monitoring system matches the demanding requirements of life science and regulated applications. Paul is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor's degree in biology.