Unlocking Efficiency: Refractive Index Insights for Chemical Industry Concentration Applications

Refractive Index  for Chemical Industry Concentration Applications
Industrial Measurements
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Learn how to address the challenges posed by contemporary industrial applications for four common elemental chemicals with refractive index measurements. 

Join us for an insightful webinar where two seasoned experts delve into the critical role of refractive index measurements in chemical processing. We'll focus on four common chemicals: UAN (urea and ammonium nitrate), sulfuric acid, phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate.

Vaisala's Kevin Green is joined by Dave Lobach of Rocky Mountain Instrumentation, Inc. (RMI). With over 30 years of hands-on application expertise, Dave Lobach has collaborated with many top industry partners to design and create practical solutions for chemical industry processes. He has seen applications made more efficient and effective when Refractive Index inline process measurements replaced manual spot-checking or alternate, high-maintenance measurement methods.

Topics covered: 
•    What is Refractometry?
•    Understanding inline process measurements with Refractive index
•    How refractive index can optimize chemical processes
•    Real-world applications in diverse industries, from oil refining to wastewater treatment
•    Smart quality control, lower energy consumption, reduced waste, and enhanced efficiency
•    How automation ensures timely corrective actions when process conditions are at risk
•    Low maintenance measurements for years of high performance chemical processes

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Kevin Green, Industry Expert & Regional Sales Manager

Kevin has a background in Mechanical Engineering and brings many years of experience in instrumentation, sales and product management with companies such as Emerson – Rosemount Measurement, McCrometer, and ABB. At Vaisala he is primarily focused on measurement applications applied to industries such as semiconductors, food and beverage production, chemical processing, and pulp and paper manufacturing. In his spare time Kevin enjoys cycling and mountain biking, skiing, tennis, and spending time with family and friends.

Dave Lobach of Rocky Mountain Instrumentation

Guest Speaker: Dave Lobach

Guest Speaker

Dave Lobach, Rocky Mountain Instrumentation Inc.

For over 30 years, Dave Lobach has been committed to helping clients with their manufacturing and processing applications. In his time with Rocky Mountain Instrumentation, Inc. (RMI) Dave has worked to provide cutting-edge systems for process control. Established in 1991, RMI has been at the forefront of delivering industrial instrumentation across the Intermountain West in the USA, encompassing states such as Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. RMI serves client companies in various sectors, including Oil & Gas, Life Science, Metal & Mining, and Water & Wastewater. With in-depth application experience spanning over three decades, Dave has collaborated closely with industry partners to engineer solutions that meet the demands of modern industrial applications.