Wind Energy Operations

WindCube® lidar is rapidly changing the way Power Performance Testing, site monitoring, and other crucial parts of wind farm operations are done — drastically improving outcomes and pushing this industry forward.

    Lead with Lidar

    In a rapidly changing industry, lidar gives wind farm operators several important advantages. By reducing uncertainty, providing a complete wind profile, and simplifying Power Performance Testing (PPT), WindCube lidar technologies enable operators to manage wind farms decisively, strategically, and profitably.

    Power Performance Testing

    WindCube Nacelle lidar makes the traditionally burdensome task of Power Performance Testing (PPT) simpler and faster. Widely accepted and easy to manage, WindCube Nacelle combined with WindCube Insights Analytics are changing how this crucial task is done.


    Better data for all turbines

    The average turbine height today stretches beyond what met masts can directly measure. WindCube lidar measures the complete wind profile, reducing the need for extrapolation — always a potential source of error — and measures the entire rotor sweep, at the full hub height.

    Deploy quickly & repurpose

    Unlike met masts, lidar units can be deployed quickly (without long permitting delays) and easily moved or repurposed for further measurement campaigns. The wind data arrives right away, and the project accelerates.

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    Why Remote Sensing is the New Standard in Wind Energy

    This detailed ebook explains how lidar works, why it is such a valuable tool for wind energy, and why WindCube is the most trusted lidar solution out there.

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