Wind Energy Operations

Revolutionary advances in PPT, monitoring, and performance optimization for wind farm operations and life management.

The power of end-to-end solutions

In a rapidly changing industry, WindCube lidar and related Vaisala solutions reduce uncertainty, simplify traditionally burdensome operations, accelerate innovation, and provide complete meteorological intelligence. Only Vaisala gives wind operators this level of comprehensiveness and integration.

There are no lidars quite like WindCube lidars. WindCube Nacelle, for example, is the first nacelle-mounted lidar to comply with the IEC 61400-50-3 standard, and it boasts unparalleled ranges up to 700m, with options for short- or long-range models depending on user needs. WindCube, WindCube Offshore, and WindCube Scan provide similar value to all sorts or operations, onshore and offshore.

Vaisala’s related weather sensors, systems, and data services enhance the power of WindCube lidar, enabling operators to manage wind farms decisively, strategically, and profitably.

Key benefits in wind operations include:

  • Increased uptime and safety for assets and personnel
  • Minimized operating costs, optimized performance, and lower LCOE
  • Simplification of burdensome processes, such as PPT
  • Improved community acceptance and support for wind energy
  • Excellent forecasting for big-picture visibility

PPT, redefined

WindCube Nacelle lidar makes the complicated task of PPT simpler and faster. Widely accepted and easy to manage, WindCube Nacelle, combined with WindCube Insights — Analytics software, is changing how this crucial task is done.

A modern, web-based software tool, WindCube Insights — Analytics produces ready-to-use IEC tables and annual energy production (AEP) calculations in just a few clicks, with built-in templating for using SCADA data from any turbine type. It also proactively displays which IEC paragraph/standards is being referenced while in use. Together with WindCube Nacelle, it makes the traditionally burdensome process of PPT simpler and more reliable.

WindCube Nacelle: New IEC classification + enhancements

The industry’s go-to reference lidar for PPT just got better.

Industry-first IEC classification? Check. New innovations for even more robust data AND it’s simpler to use? Check. WindCube Nacelle is proven to dramatically reduce operational cost while increasing efficiency. With hundreds deployed worldwide, on 100+ wind turbine models onshore and offshore, WindCube Nacelle continues to be the most innovative solution for reliable, accurate PPT.


Photo courtesy of NREL

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