WindCube Nacelle IEC classification and enhancements

Industry-first IEC classification? Check.
New innovations for even more robust data AND it’s simpler to use? Check.

WindCube Nacelle is proven to dramatically reduce operational cost while increasing efficiency. With hundreds of WindCube Nacelle lidars deployed worldwide, on 100+ wind turbine models onshore and offshore, WindCube Nacelle continues to be the most innovative solution for reliable, accurate PPT.

Today, industry-first IEC classification and new enhancements help you maximize your wind farm power output and project profitability with robust data and ease of use. These enhancements apply to both the WindCube Nacelle (450m range) and WindCube Nacelle Long Range (700m range).
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WindCube Nacelle Power performance testing.

eBook: Power Performance Testing with WindCube® Nacelle

Already included in multiple developer and manufacturer Turbine Supply Agreements, WindCube® Nacelle is the first lidar to receive full classification according to the new IEC standard for nacelle-mounted lidars.


WindCube Nacelle Webinar: Lidar without limits

New IEC classification and WindCube® Nacelle enhancements speed adoption of nacelle lidar for PPT.

WindCube Nacelle

New classification + enhancements for unrivaled performance

See the new enhancements that further fortify WindCube Nacelle: The most reliable and accurate lidar for IEC-compliant PPT.

WindCube Nacelle: Infographic

Product Spotlight: WindCube Nacelle

With a range up to 450m, this version is ideal for onshore and provides a complete picture of the wind profile with accuracy and reliability as good as or better than met masts.

WindCube Nacelle

Product Spotlight: WindCube Nacelle Long Range

The long-range version is suitable for any turbine type and rotor diameter — offshore and onshore, with a range up to 700m.

WindCube Nacelle Long Range

Product Spotlight: WindCube Insights — Fleet

Previously only available with WindCube vertical profiling lidar, this cloud-based software for fleet and campaign management is now included in all WindCube Nacelle lidars. Now you can manage both WindCube vertical-profiling lidars and WindCube Nacelle lidars with this easy-to-use software.

Product Spotlight: WindCube Insights — Fleet