WindCube Scan for Aviation

Provides full, 3D wind awareness at long range — giving decision-makers in aviation the data they need for safety and efficiency.

    Know the wind in 360°

    WindCube Scan combines powerful data and reporting with cost efficiency and ease of use. This 360° scanning lidar is quick to deploy, based on proven lidar technology, and suitable for almost any airport or geography. It provides customers around the globe with crucial detection of windshear, 3D wind contextual information, and wind inversion detection.

    WindCube Scan units are compact, unattended, rugged devices suitable for any geography. Accurate and reliable over long service lives, they require very little site preparation and almost no human intervention after deployment. They are also simple and quick to repurpose if needs change.


    Enhanced safety

    WindCube’s high resolution windshear detection capability helps lower weather-related risks by giving air traffic controllers, pilots, meteorological observers, and forecasters real-time data to understand the current wind conditions and make better operational decisions.


    Cost efficiency & ease of use

    WindCube‘s affordable cost, combined with simple deployment and onsite services, make it an attractive solution for airport stakeholders. Data can be easily integrated and displayed in a weather observation system (AWOS).


    More than windshear

    WindCube also enables increased understanding of the wind and turbulence conditions around the airport, improving wind situational awareness. More than 1,000 WindCube units have been installed worldwide for a variety of applications, including providing wake turbulence data to increase airport capacity.


    A sustainable partner

    Vaisala is home to many of the industry’s brightest scientists, creators, and innovators. For decades, our products, including WindCube Scan, have provided exceptionally long service lives, reduced consumption and waste, and helped airports and meteorological agencies increase safety and preparedness amid climate change. They reflect Vaisala’s philosophy of creating sustainable solutions, businesses, and communities.

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    The Increasing Challenge of Windshear

    Windshear is more critical to manage now than ever. Learn how the right kind of situational awareness can help ensure safety and smoother airport operations.

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