Mitigate wind hazards with WindCube Scan Airport Edition

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Weather & Environment

New enhancements raise the bar for performance and reliability so you can mitigate wind hazards at any airport, in any conditions.

Accurate, timely windshear detection and wind awareness are crucial for maintaining safety at an airport and its surroundings. The next generation WindCube Scan Airport Edition gives air traffic controllers, pilots, meteorological observers, and forecasters best-in-class data to understand the current wind conditions and make better operational decisions.

With its breakthrough measurement range of over 18km, additional new scanning modes and compact, robust design coupled with an industry-leading maintenance and servicing package, WindCube Scan Airport Edition is an unattended solution ideally suited for an airport environment.

Join us for an in-depth look at WindCube Scan Airport Edition including:

  • New capabilities that expand wind awareness further and into extreme temperature and weather performance
  • Real-life examples of the technology in action at different airports
  • Insights from aviation meteorology and wind lidar experts



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Featured speakers

Imad Abbadi

Imad Abbadi

Application Manager for Remote Sensing and AviMet Product Area

Imad holds a PhD degree from Université Bordeaux I in France, and has a strong background in business, technical and research roles, latest with Airbus Defense and Space, and prior to that with Tellabs/Coriant, Aalto University, VTT and Agilent.

Cristina Benzo

Cristina Benzo

Science & Application Engineer in Meteorology Wind Lidar technology and research

Cristina’s educational career started at George Mason University (Virginia, USA), where she studied Computational Atmospheric Sciences. Wanting to have a more hands-on impact on climate change, she pursued two masters at Villanova University (Philadelphia, USA) in Sustainable Engineering and at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France) in Energy and Environment Management. Her professional experience working at the Connecticut Department of Energy/Environmental protection opened her eyes to the important impact of proper climate/weather monitoring and forecasting for air quality, water management, and energy security application. After taking an internship with Vaisala France, she stayed on full time and am now works in lidar data analysis in the meteorological and aviation field. She is proud to currently be a part of a team that strives to innovate remote sensing techniques and seeks excellence and quality in its all its services!