Long-range Power Performance Testing

This traditionally difficult process is simpler, thanks to WindCube nacelle-mounted lidar and a revolutionary new software analytics tool.

PPT Made Simple

Power Performance Testing (PPT) has always been a time-consuming and expensive process. With an unprecedented range of up to 700 meters, WindCube® Nacelle is the only lidar on the market to reach such distances — both onshore and offshore — and meet the PPT requirements for any current and future wind turbine, with accuracy and reliability as good as or better than met masts.

Coupled with the WindCube Insights Analytics software platform — engineered specifically to support WindCube Nacelle — operators can perform quick, simple, and transparent PPT with IEC-compliant filtering, AEP calculation, and uncertainties reporting.

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How Lidar Changes the Game for Power Performance Testing

Learn how it works and how it affordably and accurately enables PPT so operators can maximize power output and profit.

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