360° wind awareness

WindCube Scan reliably and affordably provides accurate wind mapping and wake analysis for today’s demanding onshore and offshore projects.

    Powerful & trusted

    Wind farms are evolving to include larger turbines, increased heights, and denser installations. WindCube® Scan supports this evolution, providing complete, spatial wind data at any stage of a wind project.


    360° wind data at your fingertips

    WindCube Scan provides full 3D scanning at a range of 15+km, as well as multiple scanning patterns suitable for a variety of campaign types.


    Unbeatable flexibility

    WindCube Scan can be deployed quickly, without the permitting or construction hurdles of met masts. It can also be moved and repurposed indefinitely.


    Crucial performance factors

    WindCube Scan accurately measures wake and blockage effects, as well as other factors that affect long-term energy production. Developers and operators can finally assess these factors anywhere they need to, whenever they need to.

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    Scanning Lidar in Wind Energy: Key Applications and Benefits

    This detailed ebook explains the principles and key applications of scanning lidar — and shows why it's becoming the new secret weapon in the quest for certainty.

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