WindCube Nacelle

Industry-leading nacelle lidar can be deployed temporarily for operational PPT and optimization, or integrated by manufacturers for feedforward turbine control.

WindCube Nacelle: New classification + enhancements

The industry’s go-to reference lidar for PPT just got better.

Industry-first IEC classification? Check. New innovations for even more robust data AND it’s simpler to use? Check. WindCube Nacelle is proven to dramatically reduce operational cost while increasing efficiency. With hundreds deployed worldwide, on 100+ wind turbine models onshore and offshore, WindCube Nacelle continues to be the most innovative solution for reliable, accurate PPT.


Photo courtesy of NREL

Every turbine reaches its potential

WindCube® Nacelle is the industry’s most used and trusted nacelle-mounted lidar. Suitable for any turbine, this standalone nacelle-mounted lidar measures wind conditions at hub height at an unprecedented range of 700m — enabling efficient PPT and optimization.

The enhanced measurement range provides of the standalone lidar provides a complete picture of the wind profile — with accuracy and reliability as good as or better than met masts.


Helping manufacturers innovate

WindCube Nacelle Turbine Control enables manufacturers and integrators to adopt and market Lidar-assisted Control (LAC) — creating numerous benefits for themselves and their end users.

Turbine control is an extension of existing WindCube Nacelle lidar technology, and it has been shown to integrate seamlessly with turbine manufacturers’ projects. This simplicity of integration extends to wind developers and operators as well, further enhancing the manufacturer’s value proposition.

WindCube Nacelle Power performance testing.

eBook: Power Performance Testing with WindCube® Nacelle

Already included in multiple developer and manufacturer Turbine Supply Agreements, WindCube® Nacelle is the first lidar to receive full classification according to the new IEC standard for nacelle-mounted lidars.


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