WINDCAP Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700

    Ultra-reliable, ultrasonic

    ultrasonic wind

    The WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700 is a robust, reliable ultrasonic anemometer that provides surface wind direction and wind speed measurement that is WMO, CIMO, and ICAO compliant.

    Ultrasonic wind sensor technology in the WMT700 delivers highly accurate wind speed and direction information ranging from barely perceptible winds to extremely high gusts.

    It is also highly accurate in conditions where mechanical instruments fail, including heavy precipitation, severe icing, strong winds, heavy sand and dust, and offshore maritime installations. Optional heaters in the transducer, arm, and/or body prevent build-up of freezing precipitation.

    Durable & zero maintenance

    ultrasonic wind

    The WMT700 has no moving parts and is resistant to natural contamination and corrosion such as salt, dust, or sand. This makes it a true “set and forget” tool requiring minimal maintenance and configuration.

    The sensors are designed with a full stainless-steel structure with welded arms, clear north indication, and one-point, quick bayonet-style mounting for even greater durability.

    Exceptional data accuracy

    To ensure accurate measurement in all wind directions, the WMT700 utilizes a unique three-transducer design that provides redundant measurement with six measurement paths.

    It outputs both polar coordinate and vector data that fully compensates for the effects of temperature, humidity, and pressure. A data quality control algorithm also validates data measurements.

    Proven data availability

    WMT700 sensors are built to work continuously nearly anywhere — even in conditions with drastic wind and temperature variations. They are highly sensitive to wind speed changes with a starting threshold close to 0 and a measurement range up to 90 m/s (201 mph).

    The WMT700 delivers accuracy in heavy precipitation conditions with proven field performance in hurricane and typhoon regions. Professional meteorological agencies and aviation authorities in more than 100 countries have deployed WMT700 sensors.

    Easy integration

    When integrated into broader weather systems, the digitized signal processing of the WMT700 provides self-diagnostics and remote troubleshooting, as well as user-defined communication profiles. It also supports digital and analog outputs from a single data port.

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