Mobile Detector MD30

    Real-Time Conditions

    The Mobile Detector MD30 from Vaisala monitors road conditions, and transmits weather data from snow plows or any vehicle type without disruption — keeping your ground transportation or airport operations running smoothly and safely.

    The MD30 is compact, easy to install, and cost effective even for large fleet deployment. Its quick response time and high sensitivity enable reliable mobile road condition data year-round.


    Snow-Plow Ready

    The MD30 is the first detector designed specifically for snow plows, and it works well as a standalone sensor or to help fill in data between stationary weather stations. Molded to withstand continuous vibration while preventing water ingress, its design ensures reliable road weather data in challenging weather conditions on all vehicle types.

    With this detector, it’s easy for municipalities, transportation authorities, and airport operators to get real-time data on road surface state; layer thicknesses of water, ice, and snow; grip; relative humidity; dew point; and road and air temperature data, directly from plows.


    Data-Driven Decisions


    Vaisala’s MD30 fills in the blanks for both winter road maintenance supervisors and plow operators, providing real-time data for informed decision making, including:

    • What's happening between weather stations
    • How to best drive the pavement forecast
    • Whether too much, too little, or the proper amount and type of material is being used
    • Whether trucks are where they should be, and if they’re clearing the most impacted and important routes first

    Snow plow operators will be informed about:

    • Black ice
    • Whether glare, water, or ice exists, or if the pavement is actually moist or just darker in color
    • When pavement temperature is falling and treatment is needed to prevent a potential icy situation
    • If more or less material should be applied
    • What's left after the plow blade has passed

    Data Visualization & Reporting

    Optional data visualization leverages live data and video imagery, with the data viewable in the vehicle or remotely depending setup options. This additional advantage of the MD30 sensor supports:

    • Optimal treatment actions on winter roads/runways
    • Road surface defect analysis as part of AI-enabled pavement condition inventory
    Best practices for efficient and sustainable material applications

    eBook: Hold the (road) salt

    With this eBook, discover how implementing tools and updated best practices can help you target treatments, measure their effectiveness, and leverage treatments with less environmental impact.

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    Want the Full Picture of Your Road Conditions?

    Just say the word. We can connect you with real-time data on grip and road state, layer thicknesses, road and air temperature, relative humidity, frost, and more.