Thunderstorm Manager for Aviation

Ensure safety and minimize downtime with highly accurate, real-time storm monitoring and automated lighting alerts.

Master lightning, master your airport operations


Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager, part of our Xweather suite of weather and environmental data services, helps you keep ramp crew and assets safe, maximize operational continuity, and manage risks from lightning, tropical cyclones, and severe storms.

Key features:

  • Multichannel alerts, all-clear notifications, and API connectivity to your safety systems improve situational awareness and confident decision-making
  • Global, real-time coverage onshore and offshore is based on Vaisala’s GLD360 and NLDN networks — trusted by the National Weather Service, FAA, and U.S. Armed Forces
  • Web-based interface provides real-time tracking and visualizations, flexible display options for different lighting types and parameters, and playback from the previous 7 days
  • Easy integration with the AviMet® complete weather management solution
  • Includes Lightning Threat Zone to track storm trajectory, cell velocity, speed and direction

Thunderstorm Manager keeps you and your crews informed from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. You won’t be tied to a desk or be caught off-guard when you’re in the field — and you’ll always have the best lightning data at your fingertips.

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