Thunderstorm Manager

Highly accurate tracking and alert management system enhances airline personnel and passenger safety while minimizing costly operational downtime.

    Safety First

    Safety is a chief priority for airports around the world. Vaisala’s Thunderstorm Manager for aviation provides the data airport officials need to make operational decisions that both enhance passenger and personnel safety and keep downtime to a minimum during severe lighting events.

    Thunderstorm Manager can be accessed via desktop or mobile device from any location with internet access. Automated alerts can be sent by email, HTTPS, and SMS to multiple email addresses, devices, or phone numbers. The alerting functionality easily integrates with web-to-audio and visual solutions to quickly alert outdoor workers of hazardous conditions.


    Trusted Partner

    Thunderstorm Manager is built on NLDN and GLD360, the most trusted lightning detection networks in the world and relied up on by the U.S. Armed Forces, National Weather Service, the Federal Aviation Administration, and many large commercial organizations.


    Comprehensive Data

    The versatile display options allow both cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning representation, with data updates every 30 seconds. The data also includes information on the lightning polarity, magnitude of each strike, and creates a color-scaled time stamp to visualize the storm’s path.


    Easy Integration

    Thunderstorm Manager for aviation easily integrates into AviMet, Vaisala’s industry-leading complete aviation weather management system, to promote safe operations and controlled costs in any type of weather.


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