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Aviation weather management system

AviMet combines assessments of wind, runway visibility, cloud height, pressure, lightning, windshear, precipitation, runway surface conditions, and more to produce real-time reports and alerts.

Our sensors and detection systems are designed specifically for aviation weather management and chosen based on the unique needs of an airport. The core system can be scaled from small, uncategorized airports to the largest CAT III hubs. By merging advanced sensor and system algorithms with accurate, automated weather observations and reporting, AviMet gives you comprehensive situational awareness of the weather within and above the boundaries of the airport.

AviMet supports many different aviation processes:

  • Aeronautical meteorological reporting and forecasting
  • Air traffic management and control
  • Pilot decision-making
  • Runway condition management and reporting
  • Airport ground operations

The AviMet solution and its sensors conform to all relevant ICAO standards and recommendations, as well as WMO regulations and guidelines.

Diagram of Vaisala AviMet complete aviation weather management system
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Get comprehensive situational weather awareness at your airport

Inquire about your specific aviation weather management concerns. Learn how our AviMet solution can support better decision-making and improved safety in ever-changing conditions.