Semiconductor wet chemicals

Vaisala K-PATENTS® Semicon Refractometers PR-33-S/-23-MS are designed for real-time concentration monitoring of wet chemicals used in the silicon wafer fabrication.

Semiconductor wet chemicals

A Vaisala K-PATENTS® Semicon Refractometer can be used to replace expensive and complex analyzers traditionally used in bulk chemical dispensing, and in point-of-use blending, spiking, etching, and monitoring applications throughout the fabrication process in wafer cleaning, wet etch, post-etch wafer cleaning, and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), e.g in wet bench and wet process.

The semicon refractometer provides immediate feedback to the control system if the chemical is out of specification. Low and high concentration alarms can be configured to eliminate defects in container handling or equipment failure at the distribution point.

The main benefit of the real-time monitoring with the refractometer is the potential yield improvement in the form of increased wafer throughput. This is achieved through extended bath life and the optimization of chemical consumption. The exact chemical flow depends on bath chemistry and sequence, chemical concentration, cleaning time, and temperature.

Vaisala’s application note explains how a semicon refractometer can improve different process steps with recommended installation for best performance.

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.

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