Peroxide blending dispense at CMP

Chemical mechanical polishing (or planarization), is critical, very costly, and challenging nano polishing process that combines chemical reactions and mechanical abrasion.

Polishing is done with a slurry that includes an oxidizing agent, typically hydrogen peroxide H2O2. CMP slurries are mixed or diluted at plant before usage. The correct blend is essential as it is directly linked to chemical reaction rates and wafer polishing rate.

Peroxide blending and dispense at CMP

Using a Vaisala K-PATENTS® semicon refractometer for measuring CMP slurries’ concentration is essential to achieve proper CMP performance without surface scratching.
Vaisala K-PATENTS® semicon refractometer:

  • Is an integratable process metrology device to the blending station.
  • Measures accurately the H2O2 concentration of raw slurry and mixed slurry.
  • Is a continuous, fast, accurate, and in-line device for qualifying CMP slurry compositions.

Vaisala’s application note explains how a semicon refractometer can improve process with recommended installation points for best performance.

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.

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