Chemical interface detection in wafer cleaning

Cleaning chemicals are the most consumed liquids in a fab, and standard clean 1 SC-1, standard clean 2 SC-2, diluted hydrofluoric acid DHF and mixtures like Piranha are used for removing residues from the wafers. The delivery of multiple chemicals from tanks to the cleaning tool and rinse with deionized water DIW between steps need to be tightly controlled to eliminate cross-contamination.

Chemical interface detection in wafer cleaning

Fabs will benefit greatly by using a Vaisala K-PATENTS® Semicon Refractometer as it can:

  • Monitor continuously the interface between liquids and allow continuous flow from tanks to cleaning tool.
  • Allow instant switching between cleaning chemicals and DIW.

Vaisala’s application note explains how a semicon refractometer can improve process with recommended installation point for best performance.

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.

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Chemical Interface

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