Indoor farming technology: Consistent growth through reliable measurement

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Indoor and vertical farming operations require significant investments to scale and maintain operations profitably. Key factors for success are energy use for climate control, and labor to support operations. Accurate and dependable environmental sensors such as those for humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide, can help reduce costs in both categories, while lower quality instruments can contribute to those challenges. Choosing the right technology for your growing operations can have lasting effects on climate control capabilities, and the effort it takes to maintain tight controls. This simple investment can influence the costs of production through efficient resource management.

In this 30 minute webinar, Vaisala's Business Development Engineer Justin Walsh will discuss how the quality of humidity and carbon dioxide sensors can influence climate controls and maintenance costs. Justin will cover:

  • Sensor stability and service intervals
  • Sensor installation best practices
  • Sensor accuracy and vapor pressure deficit calculations
  • CO2 sensor technology

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Justin Walsh | Vaisala


Justin Walsh
Business Development Engineer

Justin has been working with electro-chemical and industrial measurement technologies for over 16 years, ensuring product quality, measurement accuracy and environmental safety. His experience includes application support with Thermo Electron, environmental consulting, emergency planning and response with the US EPA, and a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Miami.