Better Sensor Technologies for Modern Greenhouses

Vaisala Greenhouse Webinar
Greenhouses and Indoor Farming
Industrial Measurements


Controlled Environment Agriculture is one of the fastest growing segments in food markets around the world. As the demand for locally grown and organic products continues to rise, the demand is being met by today’s modern greenhouses, vertical, and container farms. Advancements in technology and techniques available today allow growers to produce more, with greater consistency, while using less energy and resources. 

You’ll come away understanding:

  • How modern humidity, temperature and CO2 sensors can help you more effectively balance resource use  and crop growth
  • Why you should focus on these measurements - including why they’re considered “safe”
  • How these parameters are measured accurately and why they’re so important
  • The technology behind the measurements
  • How to select instruments that meet your needs and also focus on support, maintenance, stability and sustainability

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Justin Walsh | Vaisala


Justin Walsh
Business Development Engineer

Justin has been working with electro-chemical and industrial measurement technologies for over 16 years, ensuring product quality, measurement accuracy and environmental safety. His experience includes application support with Thermo Electron, environmental consulting, emergency planning and response with the US EPA, and a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Miami.