Optimizing drying operations

Streamline drying operation in food processing to achieve high yield of excellent quality products

Humidity measurement for optimized drying

In many high-temperature baking and drying processes, measuring humidity requires specialist instruments that are not only stable, reliable, and accurate, but are also suitable for demanding conditions. 

For example, the drying of demineralized whey can be optimized using Vaisala’s humidity and temperature transmitters to measure humidity and temperature in the dryer inlet and outlet air.

The inlet air humidity data is used to control the process, while the outlet air humidity data correlates with the moisture content of the powder and thus can be used as an indicator of final product quality. This saves time and energy by avoiding overdrying.

Fluid bed drier monitoring

Accurate humidity monitoring of the drying air in fluid bed dryer helps to optimize the drying process.

Discover how relative humidity, dew point and temperature should be monitored for ensuring efficient fluid bed drying operation.

Spray drying optimization

Spray drying is used to prevent microbial growth and keep the product safe for consumption. 

Discover how accurate humidity measurements can lead to more efficient energy use and higher yields.

Baking ovens

In baking and drying applications such as, for instance, bread baking and cereal manufacturing, humidity level must be monitored in the dryers and ovens to ensure high product quality, yield and finished product properties. 

Discover how humidity and dew point can be measured in bakery applications. 

Drying simulator

Use our drying simulator to better understand how exact humidity measurements can lead to more efficient energy use and higher yields, and save energy and costs.

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