In-line total solids measurement for efficient sweetened condensed milk production

Sweetened condensed milk is one way of preserving milk. It is also quite a popular ingredient in confectionary and sweets production. Produced from whole or skim milk, sweetened condensed milk usually has sugar content of 62-65%. It is extremely important to control in-line the correct sugar dosing as it effects the shelf life, the taste qualities and the cost-efficiency of the production.  

In-line Brix, total solids or total dissolved solids measurement to meet sweetened condensed milk quality requirements

Download the application note to lean how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary  Refractometer’s measurement of Brix, Total Solids (TS) or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) throughout the whole process of sweetened condensed milk manufacturing can substantially improve overall operations: 

  • standardization: the refractometer is measuring the precise solids content required to meet legal standards. This measurement is also required in fresh milk to define the necessary sugar dosing. 
  • evaporation: the refractometer is used to monitor the performance of the evaporators to help achieve the desired concentration of the milk. 

Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer complies with the standards required for safe food processing and for achieving a high-quality product. The refractometer is available with 3-A Sanitary and EHEDG certifications, and it withstands both CIP cleaning and high process temperatures. 

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