Real-time concentration monitoring in margarine and spreads production

Margarine is a well-known substitute product for butter. It is used as a spread on bread, for example, or as a flavor ingredient in cooking.  

Control over fat and oil ratio in margarine processing 

Production of margarine consists of two main stages: a fat phase and a water phase. Later salt and emulsifiers might be added. In water phase, milk proteins, salt, preservatives and other water-soluble ingredients are mixed. The fat phase includes fat-soluble ingredients such as fat-soluble flavors, vitamins as well as emulsifiers and carotenes. Next, the phases are mixed together. The product is then cooled and moved to packaging. 

Download the application note to learn the details of how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer Refractive Index measurement is used to accurately determine  the  correct  fat  and  oil  proportion in the fat phase. This measurement assures that: 

  • the correct mixture is going to emulsifier 
  • provides real-time continuous concentration monitoring of the product blend 
  • eliminates the need for sampling and laboratory tests 
  • helps to increase productivity 
  • helps to reduce batch time 
  • assures correct ingredients dosing 
  • assures the final product’s desired characteristics, functionalities and consistent quality are achieved. 

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