In-line total solids measurement for dairy fluids processing

In this eBook, we provide insights into the automation and optimization of dairy fluids processing using in-line Brix and total solids (TS) measurement:

  • Discuss future trends and opportunities in dairy production.
  • Introduce total solids and Brix measurement for choosing the best measurement technique. 
  • Present applications of dairy processes optimization. 
  • Suggest optimum refractometer installation position. 

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User referrals:
“Previously, we produced approximately one million liters of waste product per year during product changeover on product filling lines. Instead of volumetric flow and turbidity meters, we installed TS meter on filling lines and were able to cut our 15 min product changeover time to the legal minimum of 5 min, reducing waste by two thirds.”
– Dairy, UK.

“During optimization trials, the operators ran the ultrafiltration membrane plant to a natural membrane flux rate. Reliable and accurate retentate concentration measurement helped us to increase the flux, resulting in improved plant performance 
and increased CF prevention of membrane fouling.”
– Whey protein concentrate plant, New Zealand. 

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Milk and dairy products are among the most produced and valuable agricultural commodities worldwide

Optimizing dairy production

Increase your dairy processing profitability and yield with accurate process measurements.

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Vaisala Polaris™ PR53AP Process Refractometer

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