The science and practice of moisture in transformers – 2023 edition

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Power Generation and Transmission

Welcome to the definitive webinar on moisture in transformers.

The famous Vaisala webinars on moisture in transformer oils continue, now with fully revised and updated content. We’ve collected all the latest insights and practical lessons from around the world.

The webinar covers topics such as:

  • Moisture dynamics under transformer operation
  • Transformer drying vs oil treatment
  • Challenges of oil sampling   
  • Important aspects of online monitoring
  • Effects of sensor location on the measurements
  • Audience Q&A

Presented by Senja Leivo, this webinar is a high-value deep dive intended for anyone whose business it is to keep power transformers operating at their best. 

ps. You can still send in your questions, to be answered in our next webinar on the topic.

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Moisture in transformers Q&A eBook

The definitive eBook on the subject, this companion to our renowned webinar series is full of the latest practical and scientific advice on measuring moisture in power transformers.