International Conference of Doble Clients

International Conference of Doble Clients
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Power Generation and Transmission

Vaisala will be showcasing our solutions for real-time monitoring of DGA, moisture in oil, dew point and more in booth 512 at this year’s International Conference of Doble Clients.  We’ll be demoing multiple measurement offerings onsite, from the flagship OPT100 for maintenance-free multi-gas DGA to the versatile MHT410 for continuously monitoring hydrogen and moisture levels. 

The International Conference of Doble Clients features a range of technical topics on key industry trends including asset management, storm preparedness, diagnostic approaches, and methods for maximizing performance. Keep reading below to download Vaisala’s materials on these subjects or contact us to schedule a meet up at the event. 

LIFT-OPT100 installed at XCEL

Improve transformer fault assessment

Explore how Xcel Energy, a prominent utility company, enhances its transformer fault assessment strategies by integrating a mobile online DGA monitor alongside traditional offline methods.

Ceati T&D 2023

Optimize your transformers’ lifespan

Arm yourself with practical and scientific knowledge on how you can protect your high-voltage assets and improve your operations.