Xcel Energy improves transformer fault assessments using online DGA monitoring


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Explore how Xcel Energy, a prominent utility company, enhances its transformer fault assessment strategies by integrating a mobile online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitor alongside traditional offline methods.

This case study highlights Xcel Energy’s experience using the Vaisala OPT100 DGA monitor on a mobile platform to analyze gassing patterns in transformers with abnormal lab-based DGA results.

By combining both methods and additional offline tests, Xcel Energy successfully diagnosed and managed a potentially problematic situation with a faulty transformer.  

The study underscores the synergy of offline and online DGA analysis in making more informed and confident maintenance decisions, improving grid reliability, and optimizing asset management & safety. 

LIFT-OPT100 installed at XCEL
Optimus™ DGA Monitor OPT100 installed at Xcel Energy site in West Texas 
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