We’ve upgraded our services for Liquid Measurements – now offering easier online ordering and a no-worries Care agreement

Vaisala Polaris refractometer installation
Pasi Tuononen
Pasi Tuononen
Product Manager
Liquid Measurements

Do you own a Vaisala K-PATENTS Process Refractometer PR-23, PR-33, or PR-43, or the Vaisala Polaris PR53 product?

Calibration, prism replacement, and repair services for these product platforms are now available to purchase through Vaisala’s online store, operating around the clock. Ordering online significantly speeds up our already rapid ordering process, eliminating manual steps such as completing an RMA form or awaiting order processing and associated RMA-linked order numbers.  

Vaisala Online Store’s easy user interface

At our Online Store, you can easily compare prices, see delivery times, and get an instant RMA for you to ship the devices to us.

This is your view once you arrive at the store and have selected Calibration & Repairs. From here you have two options, either select the buy/get an instant online quote, or select the Care agreement if you are a Care agreement customer.

Vaisala Online Store










If you select the latter, just log in, enter your Care agreement customer number, and select the products to be serviced. All other required details, such as address and contact information are prefilled based on your customer data.

Visit the Vaisala Online Store


Avoid the unexpected with Vaisala’s Care agreement

Vaisala’s process refractometers are durable and made to last, in some applications even for decades. Yet sometimes even the sturdiest units need some care, and sometimes this need appears at an inconvenient moment. In these cases, a warp speed is required, and it’s available in the form of  Vaisala’s Care agreement, which is offered for any refractometer models for the platforms PR-23, PR-33, and PR-43, and for the Vaisala Polaris PR53.

Our Care agreement includes planned health checks and preventive maintenance service, and in case the product needs deeper care at Vaisala, we also provide free shipping and priority order handling, and more. The price is fixed for the entire duration of the agreement, allowing for planning, budgeting, and buying the needed services for years ahead. The agreement length can be customized for between 3-5 years.

Many factories or mills have multiple process refractometers in different installation positions and process conditions, exposing some products to harsher environments. Our Care agreement allows flexibility as all of your process refractometers* are automatically included in the agreement.

The Care agreement is a perfect solution for anticipating the unexpected by checking in on your measurement device regularly and preventatively. To buy the Care agreement from Vaisala, contact Vaisala sales


*Our Care agreement applies to product platforms PR-23, PR-33, and PR-43, and Polaris PR53.


Polaris Process refractometer maintenance

Services for Vaisala's process refractometers

We and our authorized distributors offer comprehensive customer care covering the entire lifecycle of Vaisala Polaris™ and Vaisala K‑PATENTS® refractometers. Our experts are dedicated to helping you with any service or support needs.

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