The effect of vaporized hydrogen peroxide on dew point

Understanding temperature dew point in hydrogen peroxide vapor biodecontamination
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In bio-decontamination applications that use vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2), it can be useful to know when condensation will occur. However, condensation is affected by factors such as H2O2 vapor concentration and temperature variability. In this new application note, we explain how the combination of H2O2 vapor and water vapor affect the mixture dew point.

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Plus, in this customer case learn how one service provider relies on Vaisala’s HPP270 series probes to predict the condensation during VH2O2 bio-decontamination applications.

“HEPA filters in the air handling units of bio-safety cabinets are at risk of clogging from high levels of humidity…Vaisala’s HPP272 probe helps us ensure against this… Knowing the humidity in the area ensures that we don’t damage the HEPA filters.”

Jos van Daal, Van Veldhuijzen-Boxmeer Disinfection Services

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