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GMP Warehouse Mapping

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulators have sharpened their focus on warehouse storage and distribution practices.  Our equipment is installed and used for validation  in over 140 countries. We ensure that this 9 point process will ensure regulatory compliance to every corner of your mapping needs.   

Mapping Made Easy: Where to Place Sensors & Why


  • A review on global regulatory changes and guidance on GDP
  • Techniques that ensure storage spaces meet specifications
  • Review crucial factors that impact sensor placement
  • Tips on creating an effective ratio of sensor to area volume for mapping

Validation Mapping

Vaisala vLog SP

vLog VL software

For validation/mapping of GxP environments
The vLog system is the most accurate and effective solution for understanding your environments and...
Mapping studies by Vaisala

IQOQ Sample

The purpose of this IQ/OQ protocol is to provide assurance that the Vaisala vLog Data Logging and Reporting System has been set up properly, is functional, and operates with a high degree of integrity, security and reliability. The Installation Qualification (IQ) protocol template has been designed to ensure that the system, composed of both the hardware and the software, has been installed correctly at the point of use. The Operation Qualification (OQ) protocol template has been designed to ensure that each component of the system performs as intended.

Continuous Mapping: Better Data, Better Compliance

Mapping validation studies can be costly and time consuming. Have you ever wondered about leaving the mapping sensors in place and using this high-density sensor deployment for monitoring?  Essentially, this would result in ‘continuous mapping’ of the environment. Long-term data shows periodic excursions that a short-term, seasonal mapping study might miss. In addition, if a sensor failed or lost communication, full visibility of warehouse conditions would still be available. But, is continuous mapping cost prohibitive?

In this webinar, we analyze the actual costs of continuous mapping, as compared to intermittent mapping studies. The results might surprise you, but the data quality and increase in environmental control will definitely excite you.

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