MD30 Mobile App
Data visualization on Vaisala RoadAI phone app


Sensor overview and RoadAI instructions  
MD30 Datasheet Describes MD30 features and specifications
RoadAI Mobile App and Online Map User Guide Describes RoadAI mobile app and online map features and use
MD30 User Guide This document provides instructions for installing and using MD30.
Data message integration  
MD30 Interface Description Describes MD30 interface in detail for integration purposes
MD30 Interface Client Technical Reference Describes Windows application for integration purposes

MD30 software packages

MD30 software update (ZIP-file)

Includes MD30 firmware 1.1.0, Windows update tool, and user documentation.

MD30 interface client software (ZIP-file)

MD30 interface client version 3.0.0 is a Windows application that can be used to verify the implementation of the data reporting interface of Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30. The package includes Python code examples and user documentation. (Hash code: 87E52DF6A744590FEA41DF4A5115AA8F)