DGA monitor online installation course

This online training course provides a 24/7 accessible and comprehensive information package for installation and commissioning of Vaisala Optimus OPT100 Online Monitor for power transformer DGA monitoring. You can select the materials you need the most, or complete the full course with a certificate. The course is currently available only in English.

This training is targeted for maintenance personnel, technicians, or other persons responsible for installing and commissioning an OPT100 Monitor. After completing the course you or your employees will have the needed knowledge to install and commission the OPT100.


  • Interactive and engaging online training modules for system operation, installation and commissioning in Vaisala MyLearning portal
  • Individual 24/7 access to training via Vaisala MyLearning portal
  • Checklists and tips for installation & commissioning of OPT100
  • Practical videos to visualize the process
  • Downloadable materials
  • Certificate on a successfully completed course

Key benefits

Get a course certificate

Enroll and learn how to install Vaisala's OPT100 DGA monitor and get a certification to prove it.

Get material for later use

To ease your daily operations, you can access all training material one year after taking the course.

Enjoy the 24/7 access

With log-in information you access the online course material anytime and anywhere.