WindCube Scan for

Urban & Industrial Systems

Providing EPAs plus mining and other industries with enhanced situational awareness for better air quality monitoring, forecasts and decision-making.

Get the whole picture of wind and air quality conditions

Today’s urban and industrial areas require enhanced situational awareness, including wind and aerosol monitoring and forecasts. This data creates an essential, full picture of prevailing conditions and enables much-improved decision-making across a range of applications.

WindCube® Scan for Urban & Industrial Systems is the ideal multi-use tool, providing outstanding flexibility, reliability and useful at-a-glance insights. It provides accurate, simultaneous wind, boundary layer, cloud, and aerosol backscatter measurements, giving users all the right data for improved operations and public safety.

It is also backed by Vaisala’s unmatched track record, widespread trust and recognition, and global service. Wherever you are, WindCube Scan is the ideal tool for full, spatial awareness.

Vaisala WindCube Scan for EPAs
Vaisala team collaborating in office

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