C-band Weather Radars

Superior data quality and availability, meeting even the most demanding requirements in meteorology, hydrology, and weather research applications.


    Vaisala C-band radars are dual polarization Doppler weather radars providing best-in-class weather system detail for more accurate and timely forecasting. They can even distinguish between liquid and frozen precipitation within rain clouds and eliminate non-meteorological targets from radar data.


    Radar frequency is no longer a compromise between optimizing sensitivity and limiting attenuation (loss of sensitivity due to heavy precipitation).

    Vaisala’s C-band weather radar with attenuation correction delivers highly sensitive data capture without the worry of attenuation along the radar path.

    The C-band radar comes in both a Klystron and a magnetron model depending on your specific needs and frequency allocation requirements. Both produce clear, clutter-free, high-resolution data especially in severe and heavy precipitation cases.

    Vaisala weather radar also integrates well with WindCube® wind lidar, as well as other third-party radars and sensors to create a more complete weather detection system.


    Simply put, Vaisala C-band radars are built to work while requiring minimal upkeep. Secure network link access reduces site visits, while the integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures continuous operation during temporary power outages. The intelligent mechanical design further simplifies routine maintenance by giving you access to any part of the system without needing to unmount the antenna or pedestal.


    Vaisala C-band radars are perfect for fast data acquisition and sophisticated clutter filtering. They feature automated data acquisition, increased sensitivity, intuitive graphical displays, and the most comprehensive, robust software in the industry.


    The shorter wavelength Doppler weather radar delivers performance that rivals S-band in the same condition testing — but at a fraction of the initial investment and ongoing operational cost. The C-band radars achieve this through advanced dual polarization, and attenuation correction that utilizes dual polarimetric algorithms.

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