Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500 for Maritime

Harness the power of hyperlocal weather intelligence for your port operations with an all-in-one, compact weather station.

    Plug-and-Play Weather Station



    Vaisala Beam Weather Station is a first-of-its-kind compact weather station designed to provide observation data on conditions specific to your port.

    • Sensors accurately capture wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, temperature, humidity, and rainfall data for a localized area 
    • Secure, wireless data transfer for effective forecasting and planning
    • Durability and reliability deliver exceptional ROI for an unmatched affordable cost of ownership

    BWS500 delivers the hyperlocal data needed to keep your port operations running safely and at peak efficiency.



    Easy to Install & Scale

    Vaisala Beam Weather Station


    Beam Weather Station BWS500 sets up in just 15 minutes with minimal configuration. Simply install, connect wirelessly, and start gathering weather observation data instantly.

    Its compact size allows you to quickly blanket your port with an easily scalable network of weather monitoring stations. It can be installed even in remote locations and hard to access areas.


    Maximize Port Efficiency

    Mobile phone in hand with Vaisala Beacon Station weather data displayed


    Weather is the key determinant of safe, efficient port operations that requires accurate, localized nowcasting and forecasts. Beam Station and its sensors enable operators to monitor conditions around their port to:

    • Ensure safe operations with real-time wind and weather condition monitoring
    • Facilitate real-time weather observations
    • Improve severe weather alerts and protocols to help minimize risk and maximize operations
    • Support daily-based operational planning and quicker operational restarts after storms

    Vaisala + Unikie: A Powerful New Tool for Ports

    Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500 hyperlocal port weather information is now integrated with the real-time situational awareness provided by the Unikie Port Flow Optimization (POLO) solution — creating a powerful new decision-making tool for ports.

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