LiveCast: Master port weather challenges with Beam Weather Station

LiveCast: Master port weather challenges with Beam Weather Station BWS500
Weather & Environment

Brace yourself for a groundbreaking approach to wind and weather challenges.

In a world where unpredictable weather can lead to significant operational and safety challenges, the new Vaisala Beam Weather Station is a game-changer for ports. Whether you're looking to improve safety, efficiency, or simply stay ahead of the weather, join this expert LiveCast for valuable insights and practical solutions. 

What will we cover?

  • Transforming how ports manage and respond to the challenges of wind and weather
  • Reducing risks of damage to cranes, vessels and port structures, and ensuring operational safety in the face of nature's most destructive force
  • Revolutionizing port operations and solving the challenges of data sharing, connectivity and cybersecurity

This LiveCast is ideal for:

  • Port, harbor and terminal authorities and operators
  • Port weather system integrators
  • Other port efficiency decision-makers
  • Health & Safety (HSE) officers in ports
  • Captains, masters and shipmasters 



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Featured speakers:

Mikko Nikkanen

Head of Maritime, Weather and Environment


Mikko leads strategy and development for Vaisala’s Maritime and Ports segment. He has established Vaisala’s maritime focus in modern weather awareness solutions, bringing 20 years of global sales and business development experience to build innovative solutions with various partner ecosystems.

Paras Chopra

Paras Chopra

Product Manager, Compact Station, Vaisala

As the Beam Station product manager at Vaisala, Paras Chopra brings a broad international perspective and hands-on experience. His extensive background follows a purposeful journey through innovative technology and user experience to truly understand customer needs and define solutions that make a measurable difference.