Automatic Weather Station AWS310-SITE

An automatic weather station optimized for airport weather observation applications.


    Based on the proven Vaisala AWS310 weather station, AWS310‑SITE provides reliable and accurate weather measurements for aviation applications using ICAO- and WMO-compliant sensors.

    AWS310 SITE is specially designed and tested for Vaisala AviMet Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) and Low level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS), ensuring complete end to end system integration. With Vaisala AviMet, users are able to collect and view weather data remotely, as well as monitor and control the AWS310 SITE observation stations.


    The AWS310‑SITE solution includes all the necessary components for accurate and reliable weather measurements including the enclosure, a wide variety of sensor options, installation kits, power supply, and communication devices.

    The AWS310‑SITE has a robust, tightly sealed IP66 stainless steel (AISI 316) enclosure to protect the electronics. A variety of installation and powering options are available to meet specific customer needs and site requirements, including a solar-powered option for remote locations.

    Vaisala’s AWS client software is included for maintenance purposes to support setup, diagnostics, and data retrieval.


    Utilizing the proven dependability of Vaisala sensor technologies, the AWS310-SITE delivers real-time meteorological data to airport weather observation systems. Rugged sensor design is ICAO- and WMO-compliant and engineered to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions for long-term, automated weather data collection.

    To provide redundancy in safety-critical airport applications, data can be sent simultaneously via 2 parallel communication ports. Data is also saved on the weather station’s external memory card, and the stored log files can be exported to external applications.


    The AWS310‑SITE is built to deliver excellent long-term stability with a low risk of drift or sudden changes in calibration. Real‑time data quality-control, sensor checks, and data verification are all built in.

    The system design emphasizes environmental durability along with built-in power and data capture redundancies vital to delivering accurate and reliable observations.


    The AWS310-SITE is designed to meet the heightened safety requirements of aviation operations.

    Several standard masts and mast installation kit options are available, and all are impact-tested and comply with the frangibility requirements set forth by the ICAO and FAA.

    The AWS310‑SITE also includes surge protection for the power input, sensor connections, and output data connections to protect the AWS310‑SITE unit from potential damage caused by poor or variable power quality, or other possible surges.

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