Thunderstorm Manager

for Maritime

The world’s most accurate, comprehensive lightning detection for maximizing port and maritime safety while avoiding costly downtime.

Keeping maritime operations safe and efficient

Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager, part of our Xweather family of subscription based products, is the ideal tool for keeping people and assets safe, evolving your weather strategy, and maximizing port operational continuity in difficult coastal weather environments. Key features include:

  • Global, all-terrain coverage based on the most accurate and comprehensive lightning detection networks in the world — NLDN and GLD360 — which are managed by Vaisala and trusted by the U.S. National Weather Service, FAA, and armed forces
  • Web-based interface provides real-time tracking and visualizations, flexible display options for different lighting types and parameters, and playback from the previous 7 days
  • Provides various alert types and levels, based on your needs I
  • Includes Lightning Threat Zone capability to track specific storms’ trajectory, cell velocities, speed, and direction

Thunderstorm Manager keeps you and your teams informed from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. You won’t be tied to a desk or be caught off-guard when you’re on the ground in the port — and you’ll always have the best lightning data at your fingertips.

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